Candy Hearts Fragrance Oil Review

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We like to make sure we cover all fragrance oil types in the stock that we hold so after testing we chose candy hearts as part of our sweet shop range. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of grapefruit, sweet lemon and redberry, mid notes of mango, mandarin and tangy lime with base notes of vanilla bean and fruity musk

We added 8g of fragrance oil to 100g of soy wax and melted a 7.5g wax melt in a large open plan house. As soon as this begins to warm it starts releasing its fruity fragrance.  The fruits are soft and rounded by the vanilla, it is not sharp or zesty as a fresh fruit type fragrance oil would be. This is a sweet shop fragrance but its not overly sweet and its not sickly, none of our fragrance oils are. We didn’t notice the fragrance evolve from top, middle or bottom notes like most of our oils do on warming. The fragrance notes come off at the same time. It’s a soft fruity fragrance, its not overpowering but it does carry a long way through the house. Sweet shop type fragrances are not our personal ‘go to’ fragrances but this one is really lovely. It’s a fruity mix that brings back childhood memories. 

This is a great summer fragrance and is particularly popular around valentines day

This can be used in room sprays in accordance with IFRA 49. See the document on the fragrance oil listing for concentrations for other products. 

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All of our fragrance oils are; vegan, cruelty free, lilial free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, silicone free, PEG free, Acrylate free, free of Nitro and Polycyclic Musk.

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