Who Are Fragrance Oils Direct Fragrance Oil Supplier

 About Us

A bit about us. Cheryl trained as a microbiologist and chemist, later retraining and gaining a degree in environmental science. Cheryl worked for many of the major waste management companies before forming her own waste management company. With a chemistry and legislation background, Cheryl has the technical foundations that enable her to offer technical and legislation advice on our fragrance oils. Cheryl manages the social media and makes the wax melts to test our fragrance oils. Andrew worked in the IT industry, initially in hardware support, moving into service management, managing services delivered to corporate customers. Because of his technical and financial background, Andrew manages the website and the finances of the business.

A bit about the formation of Fragrance oils Direct. We had a lot of vintage china tea sets that we hired out for weddings and parties. We decided that vintage china hire wasn't for us which left us with a lot of china. Fast forward a few years and we decided to make the tea cups into scented candles to add value and to sell them on (they took up a lot of space that we wanted back)

From this we started making wax melts which proved to be very popular.  We were constantly looking for new and unusual fragrance oils but found that the UK fragrance oil suppliers tended to all stock similar fragrance oils. We contacted the manufacturer who made a lot of our favourite fragrance oils to see if these unusual scents were available and found that many new and unusual fragrance oils were available but were not imported to the UK.

We had a conversation that evening about the fragrance oils and how it would be great if someone would stock these fragrance oils. The conversation carried on and led to discussions with the manufacturer and the formation of Fragrance Oils Direct.

Importing new fragrance oils does add complications as a lot of the oils do not have SDS, IFRA, Allergen Report and CLP for the UK market readily available or may not currently be compliant for the UK market. We feel that it is worth putting in the extra effort to make these fragrance oils compliant and doing something a bit different. We do stock some of the popular fragrance oils but are constantly looking to bring new and unusual fragrances to the UK market.

We consider ourselves to be wax melt and candle makers who supply fragrance oils rather than fragrance oil suppliers to wax melt and candle makers. We test all of our fragrance oils and if we are not happy with the fragrance oil, we will not stock it.