Order Your Wax Melt Samples & Pick the Right Fragrance Oils for You.

Our fragrance oils made up as wax melts

We know that it is good to test fragrance oil before committing to a larger volume and that some would prefer a smaller bottle of fragrance oil to test with. Our smallest bottle of fragrance oil is 60ml as we feel that supplying smaller volumes is not good value for money.  The cost of the bottle and filling the bottle make the cost of oil per ml really expensive. Testing compatibility with the base for reed diffusers and room sprays etc. requires a reasonable volume of fragrance oil which is why we decided on 60ml as our smallest volume.

To allow testing of the fragrance, both cold and hot throw, we have our fragrance oils made up as wax melts on our sister web site. These are flower snap bars made with soy wax and 8% fragrance oil which give 4 burns per flower.(snap the melt into quarters).  

These are £2.00 each giving you a cost effective way to test our fragrance oils for wax melts and candles.