Making Wax Melts EBook - Everything You Need To Know

Beginner's Guide to Making Wax Melts at Home
As with any new hobby or business venture, creating and selling your very first batch of wax melts can feel both exciting and daunting in equal measure. 
That’s why we’ve pulled together this beginner’s guide to making wax melts at home, so you’re properly equipped to make wax melts that look and (more importantly) smell incredible, tick all the required legislation boxes and help you stand out from the crowd.   
What’s included in the guide? 
In this beginner’s friendly guide, we’ll walk you through the process of making wax melts from start to finish, including: 
  • Choosing and buying your ingredients and equipment  
  • Key information on temperatures and cure times 
  • Making your very first batch of wax melts  
  • CLP labels and surrounding legislation   
  • Naming and pricing your wax melts