Don't Prejudge Fragrance Oils

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When it comes to judging fragrance oils we have found the idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” very apt. Our unique selling point is that our fragrances are new and unusual, often unique to us in the UK. They are top quality, complex and multi-layered. They are ethically sourced and ‘free from’ a lot of the chemicals you find in cheaper oils (see about our oils). Having new and unusual fragrance oils attracts customers of all ages from all walks of life so it is impossible to pick names and photos to help portray the fragrances that will appeal to everyone. Many times we have heard customers say they didn’t try a fragrance oil because they didn’t like the name or the photo. We would like to encourage you to look at the category we have put the oil in on the website eg fruity or wellness / spiritual / spa as this will give the first clue as to the type of fragrance it is. Next have a look to see if we have done a review. If we have reviewed a fragrance oil you will see a link to our review just above documents on the fragrance oil listing. The next thing to do is look at the fragrance notes to see what sort of fragrances are in the oil. As a quick and easy way to try our fragrance oils and essential oils you can buy wax melts from our sister site using the link ‘wax melt samples’. If you would like help choosing a fragrance oil, please ask in our Facebook group Fragrance Oils Direct Customer Chat where we are sure that you will get great feedback from our friendly group. 

It is impossible to judge a fragrance on name alone. Fragrances with similar names can vary quite a lot. Our manufacturer has five versions of bibliotheque / antique book store / library and they are all very different - ours is much smoother than the other varieties that they hold. Our fresh linen does smell like fresh dried washing but ours is a little more floral than many others. It is only a light floral but it is very different. We have noticed another supplier has Home For The Holidays but the fragrance notes are totally different. It is just a coincidence that the fragrance oils have the same name. In the early days, only a few customers tried our fragrance oil called hayride until another member tried it and posted in the group how wonderful it is. We ended up having to tag another replacement on to our next order as we sold all of it within a month. 

We hope this blog post has been useful. We realise that not everyone likes every fragrance type and that different fragrances evoke different memories and emotions in different people. Don’t miss out on some hidden gems by judging the oil by the name, photo or cold sniff. We have written a blog previously on cold sniff here.

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