Eucalyptus and Spearmint Fragrance Oil Review

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Eucalyptus and Spearmint Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of Calabrian bergamot, sweet orange, eucalyptus leaves and spearmint, mid notes of neroli and roman chamomile, held together with base notes of cedarwood

This sounds like  a very simple fragrance oil and if you burn it without considering the different components, it is. As we wanted to break down the different elements we focussed on the fragrances to bring you this review and experienced the full complexity of this oil.

The first fragrance we noticed was the spearmint, providing a coolness. There is a hint of sweetness from the sweet orange, neroli and chamomile but this isn't a sweet, sickly fragrance. The sweetness takes away from what could be a rawness from the mint. We could detect orange in the background but this isn't a citrus type fragrance oil. The eucalyptus blends with the mint to enhance the cool feel of this oil. After 10 minutes of burning the cedarwood can be detected, giving woody hints.

7g of wax melt made from 8% fragrance oila nd soy wax filled a large room.

This is a really versatile summer fragrance that could be used in living room, kitchen, bathroom or as part of a spa collection.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here

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