Fireplace Fragrance Oil Review

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 This is a traditional Christmas in a bottle!

 Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of smoked woods, crystalized sugar, orange peel, mid notes of balsam, white cedar, clove bud, rosemary finishing with base notes of pine needle, vanilla bean, warm amber, flint accord, patchouli and burnt embers

We made this up by adding 8g fragrance oil to 100g of soy wax then melting 7g of wax in a tea light warmer in a large, open plan room.  And does this one pack a punch! In next to no time at all the scent had filled the ground floor and was strong on the first floor. 

The fragrance immediately transports me to memories of a cosy room with a real open fire, the scent of burning wood, the smell of the resinous pine of a Christmas tree and winter foliage There are spices in there along with orange and lovely woody base notes. This is the type of fragrance I love to use in our home all through winter and is sure to be a winner with your customers.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here


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