Mint Leaf& Lavender Fragrance Oil Review

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This is the latest of our herbal fragrance oils. It is a new fragrance oil for 2023 and is another oil that is only available from the UK. Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of , bergamot peel, camphor, menthol and mint leaf, mid notes of lavender, jasmine and freesia rounded off with base notes of tonka, blonde woods and sheer musk

We made the wax melt up at our usual strength of 8g fragrance oil to 100g wax then we melted a piece of wax around 7.5g. On initial cold throw this fragrance oil smells minty mixed with camphor and menthol with a hint of lavender. To get the full fragrance experience you really need to melt this to release all of the scents. Once this starts to melt the top notes are fresh and strong, very fresh and cool. We couldn’t detect the bergamot but it adds to the freshness. It isn’t long before the mid notes start to come through. A lovely fresh lavender aroma mingles with the fresh minty, menthol and camphor notes. There is a lovely rounded floral note behind the lavender but we couldn’t pick out the jasmine and freesia as individual fragrance notes. This is like being out in the garden - lavender, no harsh synthetic lavender smell. This fragrance is more powerful than snowman, stronger menthol and mint notes with the added bonus of lavender. Lavender and florals are not too dominant so if you don’t usually like lavender you must try this. After twenty minutes on the warmer this fragrance had filled our ground floor, up the stairs to the first floor landing and up the stairs to the second floor. It is powerful and carries well but is still pleasant and well balanced. If mint or lavender isn’t usually your thing this fragrance might convert you. 

When we tested this fragrance oil as a sample we saw that the IFRA only allowed up to 16% for use in a reed diffuser. We made some reed diffuser oil up at 16% with Augeo, added six natural reeds and placed the reed diffuser at the far end of our living room away from air circulation. Our living room is open plan to the hall stairs and landing and another room which has a doorway without a door. We didn’t expect to detect much fragrance given the concentration and it being in such a large room but we were more than surprised with the fragrance throw. We added another two reeds which made the scent really strong. The whole of the ground floor was filled with strong fragrance. The fragrance doesn’t seem to travel up the stairs but three months later this reed diffuser is still going strong and we can still smell it strong every time we go into our living room. We usually advise the reeds are turned regularly but we have only turned these reeds once in three months. We used Augeo Clean multi as a base and have added this CLP mix to the documents in the fragrance oil listing. We have also created the CLP template for this fragrance oil in perfumers alcohol for use as a room spray.   

If you like minty fragrances look at snowman, mint breeze and eucalyptus & spearmint


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