Seasalt / Ocean Fragrance Oil Review

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Seasalt / Ocean Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of citrus, ozonic seasalt, crisp bergamot and sea breeze. Mid notes of Lily of the Valley and Calone and base notes of white woods, amber, ozone accord and fluid musk.

Dont be put off by the title of this one. This is much more than the smell of the ocean. This is a gorgeous fresh fragrance. Its light and fresh yet still a strong fragrance having great hot and cold throw. Its isn’t a heavy salt / ozonic fragrance, if thats what you are looking for you should consider our black sea fragrance oil. The Lily of the Valley helps build the fragrance complexity but this isn’t a floral fragrance. There is a fresh green seaweed / herbal note that is difficult to describe. This is definitely one to add to a Spring / Summer collection.

If you want to test the fragrance before buying oils, you can buy wax melts using the ‘wax melt samples’ at the top of our website.

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