Sleep Essential Oil Fragrance Review

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We wanted essential oil blends that would be suitable for wax, room sprays, reed diffusers, mist diffusers, cold process soap and a range of bath & body products. We worked with industry specialists to create five blends to our specifications. These have been tested by bath and body product makers, by ourselves and other wax makers as home fragrance products. The price of essential oils vary depending on the type of oil and quality. We have brought you top quality oils. A little essential oil goes a long way. The 10ml bottle is ideal as a tester or for dropping into mist diffusers, the 60ml is better value for making products. For 500g or more, contact us for prices.

Here is our fragrance review of sleep essential oil :

We added 6g of essential oil to 100g of soy wax to make the wax melts. We then melted a 7g piece of wax melt in a large open plan room. We did try making the melts stronger but the fragrance that these released was overpowering. Our testers reported the same so we now use and recommend 6g or less of essential oil per 100g of wax.

As the wax starts to melt the fragrance released is woody with a hint of citrus. As the wax melt continues to warm the rest of the fragrance notes are released. This is a complex fragrance; the other notes now coming off are herby, sweet, slightly spicy, floral, slightly earthy and musky. Several testers said they could smell neroli. This will be the ocimene which is similar to neroli. We would describe this as a woody, citrus fragrance with hints of floral and spice. 

The CLP templates provided are for making in a non hazardous base, formulators alcohol and Augeo Clean Multi. They are for a lower percentage concentrations than for our fragrance oils due to the high concentration of the oil, please note the maximum percentage that these CLP cover.

You can see from the SDS our blends are made from component parts extracted from essential oils rather than just blending two or more essential oils. We wanted a more complex fragrance, think of it like a fragrance oil made with natural components rather than synthetic. Sleep essential oil promotes relaxation, eases stress and anxiety. It is calming and promotes sleep.

Link to the oil

Link to the wax melt


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