Tonka & Tobacco Flower Fragrance Oil Review

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Tonka & Tobacco Flower Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

This is a sweet, spicy and rich fragrance oil with top notes of freesia, grated ginger and bergamot, mid notes of incense, tonka bean and white flowers, finishing with base notes of sweet patchouli flowers, cashmere woods and tobacco flower

This is a fragrance that we have overlooked since we made our first batch of melts to test. What a huge mistake !

We made wax melts to test with 8% fragrance oil in soy wax.

This is a luxurious, strong (in a subtle way) fragrance. On cold sniff you get the citrus from bergamot and the zing of the ginger. Warming the melt there is spice from the ginger and tobacco flower with hints of ginger zing and a touch of citrus from the bergamot. There are floral notes from the freesia adding to the fragrance. This fragrance has a floral side but not as pronounced as you find in sweater weather. Tonka brings a vanilla type note while the woods give a creaminess, rounding off the fragrance along with a touch of sweetness and musk from the patchouli.

This all round great fragrance would make an ideal choice for someone who is dipping their toe into the woody fragrances pool.

Link to the oil 

Try the wax melt here

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