Fragrance Oils for Spiritual and Personal Well Being / Spa Type

Many fragrance oils new to the UK

Fragrance Oils offer a multitude of benefits for those wanting to improve mental wellbeing. Many of our fragrance oils contain small amounts of essential oils. They can evoke memories, create new ones, improve anxiety, agitation, stress and more.

At Fragrance Oils direct, we offer a wide selection of fragrance oils suitable for use in wax melts and candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, bath and body products. Check the IFRA statement for each fragrance. Our products are perfect for complimenting meditation; yoga and creating a relaxing atmosphere. From white sage and lavender, also known as the White Witch to Jade Fragrance oil. When utilised in candles and wax melts, our herbal aromas create a spa like ambience. Our incense fragrance oils create all the atmosphere of traditional incense without the mess.

Browse our online collection of spiritual and well-being fragrance oils. We offer high-quality fragrance oils shipped throughout Europe, perfect for an assortment of creations. From wax melts to bath and body care, our fragrance oils are guaranteed to provide a lasting quality within all products perfect for creating luxurious creations. Order online today.

Check the IFRA document on the fragrance oil for suitability for use in reed diffusers and room sprays