Wax Melt Beginners Kit

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Our starter kit consists of :

60ml fragrance oil of your choice

5g Biodegradable Glitter

5g Botanicals

900g Kerasoy 4120 wax

Digital Thermometer

Stainless Steel Jug

3 Cavity Flower Mould

We added a stainless steel jug instead of a plastic jug so you can melt, mix and pour the wax quickly and easily by standing the jug in a pan of water. This is much safer than using a microwave which can damage your wax. The wax stays warmer for longer in stainless steel and you can pop it back in the pan to get the exact pouring temperature for perfect melts.

The flower mould holds approx 30g of wax per flower which breaks easily into 4 melts.

Note: Due to the wax being supplied solid in 5kg tubs we have melted the wax and poured into small moulds to make it easier to use.

The Kerax tub in the image is for illustration purposes and is not the amount supplied in the kit.

Once you have ordered, contact sales@fragranceoilsdirect.co.uk with your order number and choice of fragrance oil, botanicals and glitter, all of which are listed on our website.