African Teak Fragrance Oil Review

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We made this up as a melt at 8% in soy wax and melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan room. Wow! This filled two floors of our house with strong fragrance.

Here are the fragrance notes:    

Top notes of lemon, sun-kissed bergamot and mineral water, mid notes of orange blossom, lavender and white thyme rounded off with base notes of African teakwood, sheer leather, tonka bean and fluid musk

The citrus top notes are fresh but not noticeably citrus. The mid notes are complex. The floral notes add to the freshness with the thyme blending nicely, changing the floral notes a little as it warms. The complexity and changing fragrance notes while melting remind me of how titanium fragrance oil changes as it warms. The base notes of the African teakwood and sheer leather give strength and body to the fragrance. It is a masculine fragrance but still very light and fresh. The tonka bean and fluid musk add a softness and roundness to the mix.

I would sum this up as a fresh, modern, woody, masculine fragrance. It is perfect for burning year round when some deep woody fragrances might be too heavy. I can see this being one of my personal favourites. It is as fresh as Cottonwood  but slightly heavier fragrance notes. You can try this as a wax sample here and buy the oil here

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