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Bookworm is one of our new fragrance oils. The name doesn’t appeal to everyone but everyone who has tried it as a melt has loved it and has gone on to buy the fragrance oil. There is a customer review of this on our Facebook group. This fragrance oil is a hidden gem that you must try. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of bergamot, lemongrass and lemon basil. Mid notes of black pepper, clove bud and black leather finishing with base notes of cedar, patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss, amber, vanilla and musk

As this starts to melt you get the top notes with some of the mid notes. Looking at the top notes I would have expected it to smell citrusy and herbal but it isn’t. It smells fresh and smooth with a slight hint of spiciness. The freshness is created by the bergamot, lemongrass and lemon basil, the spiciness comes from the clove bud and the smooth warmth comes from the black pepper and black leather. After the melt has had chance to warm a little longer the base notes start to add complexity and strength to the fragrance. The cedar is woody with a hint of resin, sweetness and freshness. The patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver add a musky, earthy, mossy, green outdoor forest air quality with a smooth, leather like softness.  The vanilla and amber add a rich sweet note, smoothing and rounding off the freshness, balancing nicely with the other fragrance notes. This is a very clever fragrance. It has a freshness but also a woody, smooth, earthy outdoor element at the same time. I think the photo we have chosen for the fragrance oil listing sums it up perfectly for me. It is modern, fresh and vibrant. It makes me think of sitting outdoors relaxing with a book under the dappled shade of a tree on a nice spring day. 

This is a much lighter, fresher fragrance when compared to Bibloitheque which is heavier on the leather and woody notes. Feng Shui and Soft Leather are mid way between bookworm and Bibliothetheque. They don’t have the fresh top notes but they are not as heavy on the base notes when compared to  Bibliotheque.

Link to the oil

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