Caribbean Teakwood Fragrance Oil Review

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Today we thought we would share our description of Caribbean Teakwood. Our search for new woody fragrances like this was initially driven by customer requests. We didn't use woody fragrances in our home but they have become a firm favourite of ours and many of our customers. 

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of coumarin and fresh citrus notes, mid notes of hay accord, water lily, leafy greens and coconut milk, finishing with base notes of vanilla pods, nude musk, golden amber and teakwood.

This woody fragrance is a little more green and less heavy than some woody fragrances although it still packs a punch. The citrus gives it the fresh top notes but you can’t pick them out individually. The coumarin and hay accord give the lovely fresh hay aroma, similar to our fragrance oil ‘hayride’ while the water lily and leafy greens add to the fresh green notes but they don’t dominate.  This is a nicely balanced fragrance and and not too heavy on the green notes.  The coconut milk softens the blend. Don’t be put off trying this fragrance if you are not a coconut fan, you can’t pick it out on its own. The combination of the vanilla pods, nude musk, golden amber and teakwood give it a nice strong but nicely rounded base note which is long lasting but not overpowering. In short, another well balanced, multi-layered woody fragrance.

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