Ginger and Lime Fragrance Oil Review

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When you feel like a refreshing, invigorating fragrance, Ginger & Lime fits the bill perfectly. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of key lime, bergamot, Meyer lemon and lemon rind, mid notes of mandarin, sugar and agave nectar, finishing with base notes of neroli and shaved ginger.

The combination of lime, lemon and mandarin blend nicely to make a smooth citrus fragrance. This fragrance could equally be called citrus and ginger.  I find fresh lime a little too aromatic for my taste but the addition of the lemon and mandarin stop the lime being too dominant. The citrus is rounded by notes of sugar and agave but this not a sweet or sickly fragrance, its still fresh and vibrant. The citrus is complimented by the warm notes of fresh ginger. It must be a well balanced fragrance because Cheryl thinks the citrus has the edge in this fragrance and I think the ginger fragrance is slightly more dominant. 

We like to use these types of fragrances as reed diffusers or candles in the kitchen or dining room because they help clear the smell of cooking and they don’t clash with your food as a floral fragrance would.   

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