Mulled Wine Fragrance Oil Review

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Mulled wine fragrance oils can vary, this one is lovely. We made this up 8g of fragrance oil to 100g soy wax. To test we melt around 7g of wax in a large open plan room on the ground floor. It wasn’t long before this fragrance carried up the hall and stairs to the first floor but it also managed to go up the second set of stairs to the second floor. It doesn’t strike you as a powerful fragrance but it does carry. Here are the fragrance notes :

A spicy fruity fragrance oil with top notes of lemon peel and red wine accord, mid notes of clove leaf and pinot grape rounded off with base notes of violet leaf and white oak

I would describe this fragrance as a mulled wine that is ready for drinking. It is a nicely blended, well balanced fragrance which doesn’t have that harsh alcohol smell that some wine based fragrance oils have. It’s a rich blend of red wine and red fruits. We can’t pick out the lemon in the melt and the overall fragrance was more like wine, red fruits, orange and spices. The spices are there but they do not overpower the fragrance and neither do the wine or fruits. This is a powerful yet gentle fragrance oil.  We wouldn't class it as fruity, spicy or wine but they are all there and don't dominate.  If your customers like mulled wine they will love this.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here

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