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CLP information is changing. Well the information isn't changing, just the format that it is delivered in is changing. CLP information is now part of the SDS for the oil at 5, 10 and 25%.

Creating your label is simple. Section 2.2 contains the appropriate Pictograms, Signal word, chemicals causing the trigger, hazard phrases and precautionary statements.

Section 4.1 contains additional precautionary phrases.

As with CLP, H and P phrases need to be used as appropriate with your product. In the example below, avoid breathing in dust/vapours would not be appropriate for wax melts. Similarly, take off contaminated clothing in section 4.1 would not be appropriate for wax melts.

If you need more information on how to create your own CLP labels we have a 30 minute video in our facebook page which walks you through creating your own CLP label.

The SDS does provide much more information, compared to the CLP but generating CLP should be no more complicated when taking the information from the SDS.





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