Coconut and Lime Verbena Fragrance Oil Review

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Coconut and Lime Verbena Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of coconut water, tart lemon, lime juice and grated ginger, mid notes of whipped coconut and verbena blossom, finishing with base notes of vanilla bean, white cedar and nude musk

This a gorgeous strong fragrance but not overpowering.  As soon as you warm this fragrance up it transports you to the summer. It reminds us of holiday, drinking cocktails and eating fresh Caribbean salads. 

Fresh limes can be  a little too aromatic and scented for our taste but the lime and lemon in this fragrance is nicely balanced by the coconut and give a zesty but fruity fragrance. The ginger adds a bit of warmth and body but its not dominant. The base notes of vanilla, white cedar and musk create smooth base notes. This fragrance is perfect for those who find coconut or lime on their own a little too powerful.  

This is a clean, fruity fragrance oil that is perfect for a summer / holiday fragrance collection

Link to the fragrance oil

Link to the wax melt

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  • This is such a delightful happy scent, lovely and fresh, absolutely love it for my melts.

    Lisa Sutcliffe on

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