Coconut Fragrance Oil Review

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Coconut Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of bergamot and mandarin, mid notes of neroli and jasmine and base notes of white musk, amber, cedar and sandalwood

We tested this with a soy melt with 8% fragrance oil. We lit this melt and before the wax had fully melted we could smell coconut from about 12 feet away which was surprising as this is a smooth, calming type of fragrance.

Testing notes - there is no mistaking the coconut. There is a sweetness and a hint of citrus when the melt is fully warmed which stop this being a sickly fragrance oil. The jasmine may be there but we couldn't detect it. The base notes add a creaminess to the fragrance but this is not a woody fragrance at all. Our niece tested this melt and said that it reminded her of holidays with coconut sun cream which we wouldn't disagree with.

Its coconut with a hint of sweetness and would work well in a spa or holiday collection or just to add to your summer melts range.

Link to our oil

Try the wax melt here


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