Treacle Tart Fragrance Oil Review

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Treacle Tart Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of sugar crystals and absolute blossom, mid notes of raw vanilla, tonka bean and milk notes, finishing with base notes of vanilla bean and amber.

This is a lovely gourmand fragrance. As it begins to melt you enjoy the soft warm top notes of sugar crystals. It is sweet and smooth but not at all sickly. Next come the mid notes of Vanilla tonka bean and milk. This gives a lovely rich vanilla fragrance with smooth creamy and honey notes. The base notes of vanilla and amber create a pastry like aroma. This fragrance oil has a good throw but as there are no strong individual notes it isn't and 'in your face' fragrance. Its more like a nice sweet comforting hug. It takes me back to my childhood when my mum and grand mothers used to do lots of home baking.

This is a great addition to a bakery collection.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here


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