Tropical Sun Fragrance Oil Review

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Tropical Sun Fragrance Oil Review

To test this fragrance oil we used 8% fragrance oil in soy wax then melted a 7g piece of the melt. This is powerful stuff! This tiny 7g melt filled our whole house with a good strength but not overpowering fragrance.

 Here are the fragrance notes:

"Top notes of pomelo, blood orange and Sicilian bergamot, mid notes of spun silk, stemone and milk thistle finishing with base notes of white sandalwood, vetiver, raw vanilla and tonka bean"

 This is an unusual fragrance; tropical fruit with a hint or orange but not overly fruity or zesty. The mid notes compliment and soften the fruity top notes, helping to tie together the top and base notes.  The base of woods and vanilla provide dimension and complexity. They create a warm, slightly earthy, slightly green fragrance reminiscent of being outdoors at the end of a warm sunny day. This fragrance transports me to a tropical sunset and memories of holidays abroad, sat outside where the warmth of the ground and the smell of the air is very comforting and relaxing.


Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here


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