Egg Nog Fragrance Oil Review

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Egg nog is a traditional, rich, dairy based drink made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs whites and egg yolk, vanilla and spices with the addition of either rum, brandy or bourbon to cut through the sweetness.

Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of lemon zest, rum accord and bergamot, mid notes of cinnamon leaf, clove and coconut milk, finishing with base notes of vanilla bean, tonka, sandalwood and creamy nutmeg

This is a lovely traditional gourmand fragrance.  It is sweet but not sickly or cloying. There is a smooth creamy vanilla fragrance with a hint of spice.  You can smell the nutmeg in the spices.  The rum gives gives the fragrance its body but does not overpower the fragrance as some alcohols can. The bergamot and lemon zest add a clean hint to this creamy mix. The sandalwood gives a nice base note but this fragrance is definitely not woody.

Here's what one of our facebook group members said about this fragrance oil

"Egg Nog smells like it should. Third time lucky with this one as I've been trying to find a good one since last year. Finally found one"

That's about it - an egg fragrance oil that smells of egg nog - perfect for your Christmas collections.

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