Autumn Woods Fragrance Oil Review

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This is a fresh outdoors fragrance, reminiscent of walks through the woods with leaves on the floor.

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of crisp bergamot and lemon balm, mid notes of cinnamon stick, clove leaf and caramel and base notes of white woods, anise, cedar and golden amber 

We tested this with 7g of soy melt in a tea light burner.  The melt was made with 8% fragrance oil.

The lemon and bergamot can be detected straight away and give a freshness to the mix.  The spices are there but not overpowering.  Anise and caramel blend to give a hint of sweetness although this is not a massively sweet fragrance oil.  The woody base notes give that nod to being outdoors in the woods.  

This is a fresh green / citrus type of outdoor fragrance rather than an ozonic outdoor type.  

Link to oil

Try the wax melt here

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