Eves Temptation Fragrance Oil Review

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Here are the fragrances notes: 

Top notes of lemon zest, caramelized apple, orange zest and sparkling ginger, mid notes of brown sugar and cinnamon finishing with base notes of nutmeg, vanilla bean and oak wood

This is a nice strong fruity fragrance with prominent cinnamon notes. The lemon, orange and apple give freshness followed by a mellow cinnamon fragrance. The nutmeg adds to the spice and the vanilla rounds off the fragrance but doesn't make it too sweet or sickly.  The wood gives the fragrance some body but it isn’t a dominant fragrance note.

This can be used as a Christmas fragrance but is suitable for autumn right through to late spring. The name makes it a good choice to add to a Valentines day collection.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here


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