Silver Lining Fragrance Oil Review

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Silver Lining Fragrance Oil Review

Fragrance notes for this one are :

Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and ocean mist, mid notes of jasmine, violet and rose petals, finishing with base notes of white musk, Siberian fir, cypress and sweet amber

The top notes are both fresh and fruity at the same time. There is a sweet fruity citrus with a fresh ocean / ozonic note. The floral notes build this to a beautiful complex fragrance, you can tell they are there but you can’t pick them out individually - this is not a floral fragrance oil. The base notes of white musk, Siberian fir and cypress bring a light, fresh, woody element to the fragrance. The fir is fresh and clean and adds to the outdoors feel but this is not a Christmas tree type fragrance oil. The sweet amber balances out the freshness with a touch of sweetness.

 This fragrance reminds us of being outside in Spring with the cool air on your face and the smell of spring flowers in the air. Its a refreshing fragrance, totally different to anything else we have tried before.

Link to the oil

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