Flowering Vine Fragrance Oil Review

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We tested a set of nine fragrance oils from a new collection of fragrance oils in 2021. Most of them were very soft or gourmand. Flowering vine was totally different and it is the only fragrance oil from this collection we went on to buy. We kept the fragrance oil name even though it is a little misleading. Florals are not usually our ‘go to’ fragrances but this was just perfect for spring and we both love it!

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of bergamot, eucalyptus and lemon balm, mid notes of hyacinth, violet petals and clary sage resting on base notes of fluid musk, cinnamon leaf and amber.

We added 8g of oil to 100g Golden wax soy 494 then melted a 7.5g piece of the wax melt in a large open plan room. 

As soon as the wax starts to melt the room starts to fill with the fragrance of fresh hyacinths. The eucalyptus plays a supporting role and can be detected but is in the background. The hyacinth notes are the star of the show. The light notes of bergamot and lemon balm add freshness although they don’t come through as individual fragrance notes. The other fragrance notes are well blended and can’t be detected as individual notes. Clove leaf is softer and fresher than cloves so don’t let the clove leaf notes put you off if you are not a spice lover, there are no obvious spice notes from the cinnamon leaf. The musk fragrance is there to balance the fragrance but is not prominent. This fragrance all is all about the hyacinth. This is just like having a bowl of fresh hyacinth blooms in your house, it is spring in a bottle. This is a very strong, very powerful fragrance but it is not overpowering. The fragrance filled our ground floor and up the stairs in to the first floor. Before long the fragrance went up the stairs to the second floor. This fragrance carries well and will fill your home with scent from a very small piece of wax.

One of our customers has said this is the best fragrance oil she has come across in five years as a business making wax melts. Pop over to the website to see her review

Click here to buy the fragrance oil 

This fragrance oil would be great as part of a spring collection. For other fresh fragrances look at our fresh / outdoors collection

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The CLP template for this fragrance oil in Augeo clean multi for a reed diffuser and formulators alcohol for room spray is on the fragrance oil listing.

See the IFRA 49 on the fragrance oil listing for maximum concentration for each product category. 

All of our fragrance oils and essential oil blends are vegan, cruelty free, lilial free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, silicone free, PEG free, Acrylate free, free of Nitro and Polycyclic Musk. 

If you would like 5kg or more of this fragrance oil, please get in touch for prices.

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