Kakadu Plum Fragrance Oil Review

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We are always looking for new and unusual fragrance oils or fragrances that are popular elsewhere in the world but not available in the UK. This fragrance oil is popular in Australia where the Kakadu plum grows in the sub tropical woodlands of Northern Australia. We like our fruity fragrances to be fresh and crisp, not too sweet or synthetic. As soon as we tested this fragrance oil we knew we had to have it. Don't think of this as another normal plum fragrance as it is not. Kakadu plum is classed as a superfood and has the aroma of stewed pear/apple with citrus and musk notes. Here are the fragrance oil notes:

Top notes of arctic apple, pink grapefruit, tangerine, kakadu plum and holly followed by mid notes of winter jasmine, white violet and orris rounded off with base notes of sheer woods, caramel, tonka, glowing amber, vanilla meringue and sugared musk

We added 8g of fragrance oil to 100g of soy wax then melted a 7g piece in a large open plan room. When this starts to melt the fragrance is very light and fresh, it makes our mouths water. With this scent being so light and fresh we tested this over three tealights as we didn’t expect the fragrance to last but it was still very strong when the third tea light finished. This fragrance is a little difficult to describe. The freshness reminds us of fresh tart apples or lime but without the aromatic perfumed notes of lime. It has more fruit and is more rounded than lemon but it is very clean and has a sharpness. It is reminiscent of tart gooseberries or under ripe green grapes. The fragrance notes come off at the same time and are very well blended, this is not a fragrance oil that evolves over time. We couldn’t pick out any of the floral mid notes or any of the base notes as individual components. This fragrance carried well through our open plan house. The fragrance filled the ground floor and was strong on the first floor through the first two tealights. The scent was still strong on the ground floor on the third tealight but starting to fade on the first floor. We were surprised at the strength and longevity for such a light fresh fragrance.

This fragrance oil can be used in reed diffusers and room sprays in accordance with IFRA 50. See the document on the fragrance oil listing for maximum concentrations.

You can try a wax melt here

Or here for the fragrance oil

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