Lavender & Tonka Fragrance Oil Review

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Lavender can have an image problem as the name can remind them of furniture polish or old fashioned pomanders / dried lavender sachets from their childhood. If you want a modern version of lavender without a hint of furniture polish then look no further; lavender & tonka could be for you! Here are the fragrance notes.

Top notes of bergamot, cardamom, mint leaves and cinnamon followed by mid notes of lavender orange blossom, caraway and armoise. Finishing with base notes of sandalwood, cedar, tonka, vanilla, amber and musk

This is a strong fragrance without being overpowering. We made this up at 8% in soy wax as a melt then melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan house. It didn’t take long for this scent to fill the whole house with strong fragrance. Our first impression was very clean, very fresh lavender, we couldn’t put our finger on why it was so different and so modern. When we looked at the fragrance notes we could see the bergamot and mint must be giving the freshness but we couldn’t pick them out as individual notes. There was a hint of spice from the cardamom, caraway and cinnamon but we couldn’t pick out cinnamon on its own so don’t be afraid to try this is you are not a cinnamon fan. We couldn’t pick out the orange blossom as a fragrance note but it adds nicely to the overall fragrance blend. The armoise adds a fresh green, campherous note, balancing the other notes and helping to make this a very modern, uplifting lavender fragrance. The woody notes of sandalwood and cedar are subtle, balancing the other notes nicely. The tonka, vanilla, amber and musk add hints of sweetness but they by no way make this a sweet fragrance. 

This fragrance oil contains several natural oils at low levels for an amazing aroma experience, see the SDS for details. If you like lavender you might like to try our French Lavender fragrance oil or our white sage and lavender / white witch. We also have two herbal / botanical fragrance oils where the lavender is more subtle; try rosemary & sage and relax fragrance oils. If you would like to test these before buying the oil you can buy wax melts from here.

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