Mandarin Blossom Fragrance Oil Review

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We were asked to stock some floral oriental / ambery fragrances so after testing a number of contenders we decided to stock this one. Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of bergamot, sunburst mandarin and pink peppercorn, mid notes of mandarin blossoms, white tea, water lily and ginger lily rounded off with base notes of sheer vetiver, white woods and white musk

We made this up at 8% in soy wax and melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan room. On warming the fragrance the top and mid notes come off almost at the same time releasing a gentle mix of fruity and floral fragrance. The top notes give the oil a freshness but they are a soft citrus fragrance, rather than a sharp or zingy fragrance. The citrus notes are mellowed and balanced by the floral notes of mandarin blossom, water lily, ginger lily and the white tea. We couldn’t detect the pink peppercorn but its sharpness and rosy tones must have blended well with the other notes in the mix. This is a soft fragrance and seems more subtle than some fragrances but it does carry well. We could smell this on the first floor of the house only a short while after we put it in the burner. The base notes build the complexity of the fragrance but they don’t dominate. They add slightly woody, musky, earthy notes  which balance well with the floral and fruit notes.   

This is not  an extreme floral or citrus fragrance oil, more a gentle oriental mix that would be a great addition to any collection.

Link to the oil 

Try the wax melt here

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  • Such a beatiful summer scent. I adore it. Fruity but not fake smelling like some.

    Debs Shipley on

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