Pinecone Honey Fragrance Oil review

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Pine cone honey is another fragrance oil from the new autumn winter 2022 collection, flourish and thrive. The fireweed honey in this fragrance represents our  ability to flourish and thrive after a disaster. The fireweed plant is the first plant to spring into growth after an environmental disaster, just as we can grow and flourish after we have been through tough times. Here are the fragrance notes:    

Top notes of cool eucalyptus and mandarin followed by mid notes of fireweed honey and  orange flower rounded off with base notes of white woods, Icelandic pinecone, cashmere musk, black vanilla and pine needle

This fragrance oil is quite different to pumpkin honey fragrance oil. This is a powerful fragrance oil but its not flat or overpowering. The top notes of eucalyptus are punchy as soon as the wax starts to melt and are balanced nicely by the subtle mandarin notes.  The fireweed honey notes are robust, complimenting the eucalyptus perfectly. We couldn’t pick out the floral fragrance notes on their own but they help to build a complex, multi-layered fragrance. The light woody base notes are subtle but the pine cone, vanilla and pine needle are all strong fragrance notes. Usually the mid notes are the heart of the fragrance but this is unusual. This fragrance has so many strong notes but yet they work together in perfect harmony as a fragrance. This fragrance oil has a sweetness to it but its not a sweet shop or gourmand fragrance. It is an unusual mix of fresh outdoor notes softened by the honey and vanilla. This fragrance is perfect for summer through to winter. This is definitely one to try. 

This fragrance oil can be used for room sprays in accordance to IFRA 50, see the document on the website listing. 

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All of our fragrance oils are; vegan, cruelty free, lilial free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, silicone free, PEG free, Acrylate free, free of Nitro and Polycyclic Musk.


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