Pomegranate Fragrance Oil Review

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Pomegranate Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of red apple, lime, red silk pomegranate, cherry, strawberry and peach, mid notes of french lavender and grape-jasmine finishing with base notes of raspberry, creamy coconut, caramel, vanilla and musk

This fragrance oil is much more vibrant, much fresher and juicier than pomegranate alone.  The top notes of apple, cherry, strawberry and peach are  lush and juicy without being too sweet. The lime adds a zing but is not a dominant note. The pomegranate blends well with the other red fruits to create a mouth watering fragrance.  The grape-jasmine and French lavender bring depth to the fragrance to balance the fruity notes without adding obvious floral notes. The base notes give further depth and a nice roundness and give the fragrance longevity, the raspberry really comes through and creates a fragrance that is not one dimensional.

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