White Sage & Lavender / White Witch Fragrance Oil Review

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White Sage & Lavender / White Witch Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes :

Top notes of lemon, freesia, lime and rosemary, mid notes of  jasmine, mimosa blossom, violet leaf and lavender followed by base notes of vetiver, musk, ambergris and white sage

White sage and lavender can often be found in smudge sticks. It is used to cleanse negative energy and often used by white witches, hence the name we gave the fragrance oil.

The top notes of lemon and lime add a hint of freshness but are not detectable as individual fragrance notes. The rosemary adds to the herbal quality of the fragrance oil. The floral notes are not at the forefront of the fragrance oil but play a supporting role in the mix, giving a modern feel to what could otherwise be an old fashioned fragrance. The sage and lavender combine to provide an amazing lavender / herbal fragrance. Ambergris, vetiver and musk combine to provide a hint of earthy / woodiness to the mix, providing a complex mix and rounding off the fragrance.

Link to the oil

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