Vintage and Vetiver Fragrance Oil Review

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Here are the fragrance notes for this oil :

Top notes of dark plum and mandarin, mid notes of black orchid, coconut palm and cashmere, finishing with base notes of vanilla bean, velvet musk, blonde woods and heavy patchouli.

This fragrance oil is another of our favourites. It is a nice strong, masculine fragrance which quickly fills the room. The woody, musky, earthy notes are the main players in this fragrance. The vanilla, dark plum, mandarin and black orchid give it a more rounded fragrance, softening the woody base notes. I can’t pick out the individual  fruity or floral notes, they play more of a supporting role and blend together nicely to add a hint of sweetness. This fragrance is no lightweight; the fragrance lingers long after the wax has cooled. If you like woody fragrances, this is definitely one you need to try.

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