Relax Fragrance Oil Review

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Relax Fragrance Oil Review

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of sun kissed bergamot and wild cardamom, mid notes of wild lavender and crisp eucalyptus and base notes of cedarwood, mysore sandalwoof, patchouli and crystallised amber.

This fragrance oil will transport you back to steam room visits or relaxing massages. Cardamom adds a hint of spice but this is not an overly spicy fragrance while the bergamot gives a touch of fresness. The lavender gives a floral note while the eucalyptus addss a hint of camphor and freshness/coolness to the fragrance. The base notes of woods give a soft, creamy woody note to produce a gorgeous soft fragrance, reminding us of quality bathing products or visits to the spa. 

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