Revolution Fragrance Oil Review

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This fragrance oil was designed as a New Year fragrance - seeing out the old and seeing in the new year. Fragrance notes are :

Top notes of mineral water, ruby grapefruit and amalfi lemon, mid notes of birch leaf and juniper berry finishing with base notes of sandalwood and fluid musk.

This is a really tricky fragrance to describe and picking out individual notes is difficult as the different components blend together so well. The lemon and grapefruit notes are subtle. You wouldn't call this a zesty fragrance and they add a touch of fruit more than zest. The juniper is there and can be detected in the mix but, again, it isn't in your face. It adds a hint of spice and a touch of botanicals. The sandalwood and musk can be identified and soften the blend. This has almost a hint of a perfume type fragrance oil.  Trying to put it into any one category is not easy.  It's fresh but has woody notes.  It has fruit but isn't fruity.  Its a great fragrance oil and really needs to be tried to get a good idea of the fragrance.  We would love to hear your reviews of this oil.

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