Mango and Tangerine Fragrance Oil Review

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Here are the fragrance notes for this one :



Top notes of just squeezed lemon, white peach and tangerine, mid notes of juicy mango and sugarcane and base notes of golden amber and light vanilla



This really should be called tangerine and mango as the tangerine is more prominent than the mango. We were torn between orange and tangerine as the main fragrance. I thought more tangerine as there is a sweet note to this one but it isn't overly sweet or sickly and I could agree with orange too. We don't burn a lot of fruit type wax but were impressed with this one. It is fruity but doesn’t knock your head off with a blast of citrus. It is more a gentle blend of fruit. The hints of mango can be picked out. There is just enough mango for us as we feel that mango fragrance can get too much. Maybe that's just personal preference and others would love a full on mango fragrance. The vanilla and amber calm down the fruit and make this a more sophisticated fruit fragrance. Other fruit notes are there and give this a good balance. Any fruit lover would be happy with this fragrance oil and it would work well as an introduction to fruit fragrances for those who aren’t currently lovers of fruit fragrances.  



Its great for spring and summer but could also be added to a Christmas collection as a nod back to receiving an orange as a Christmas present 'back in the day'



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