Bay Rum Fragrance Oil Review

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This was a fragrance oil that we wanted to bring to the UK and we are so pleased that we did.

Fragrance notes are  :

Top notes of orange, apple and cinnamon with mid notes of mint and pine rounded off with base notes of clove, cedarwood, vanilla, musk, patchouli

We lit this and then left the room closed for 20 minutes and then opened the door.  Wow !   This is a real room filler !

The first notes that you get are the spices, followed by the apple and orange. The mint and pine notes are not detectable immediately and are secondary to the spices.  The mint and pine can be detected when you are away from the burner and just enjoying the fragrances.  They cool the spices down a little.  The wood and musk give the fragrance a grounding whilst the vanilla adds a touch of smoothness.

This is a spice lovers fragrance oil that works really well as a Christmas fragrance but is equally at home all year round.  We would definitely describe this as a masculine fragrance.

Link to the oil

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