Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil Review

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Something a bit different today.  Yummy Gummy fragrance oil review.

Fragrance notes are :

Top notes of sugarcane, plum, bubble gum accord and aldehydes, mid notes of pink sugar, strawberry and clove leaf and base notes of vanilla sugar, fruity musk, soft cedar and anise

Our thoughts....

This is a fruit lovers dream.  There are three main components that you get immediately from this one - sweet, fruit and aldehyde.  After a few sniffs we were able to pick out more components.  The sweetness is there - there is no mistaking that this is a sweet inspired fragrance oil.  The fruitiness reminded us of a really ripe fruit salad and the aldehyde gives a hint of ripe banana and mango.  The bubble gum is there - probably more juicy fruit than pink bubble gum.  You can detect the anise if you search for it but it blends with the aldehyde notes and is a background note. I struggled to detect the musk and wood initially. After the melt was in the burner for 10 minutes I went outside and then came back into the house and the wood / musk can be detected but this one is all about the fruit and the wood / musk are not at the forefront.

This is a fun, fruity fragrance oil.  It works well as a fragrance for the fruit lovers and would work well as a car air freshener fragrance.

Link to the Oil

Try the wax melt here


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