Stardust Fragrance Oil Review

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We had been looking for a mystical / oriental / ambery fragrance for several months. We had tested a number of fragrance oil options and rejected them. This one came along and it was perfect. It was exactly what we are looking for! It has been our number one best seller since we introduced it in December 2020. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? 

Here are the fragrance notes:

This is a mystical, enchanting mix with top notes of black iris and geranium leaves,  mid notes of jasmine, black amber, cardamom and ylang ylang, finishing off with base notes of vanilla, immortelle absolute, oud and incense


This is a difficult fragrance to describe. It is a complex, multi-layered, well balanced blend. It has a lot of floral notes but this is not your typical floral fragrance. The vanilla can’t be picked out on its own and this isn’t what we would class as a vanilla fragrance. The immortelle absolute adds a natural sweetness and a hint of muskiness that you get from fresh hay. This hay-like sweetness is more pronounced than the sweetness in our hayride fragrance oil . These sweet musky notes add an unusual twist to balance the floral notes. The base notes of oud and incense are subtle and understated. They add earthy, smokey, musky and sweet notes to build the  layers of complexity of the fragrance. These are not the strong smokey notes, typical of an incense type fragrance. If you are looking for a strong incense fragrance oil try our Nag Champa Jasmine, Nag Champa Rose or Dragons Incense. If you want to try these fragrances as wax melts before buying the oil they are available here.  

To see the five star reviews left by our customers, see  the fragrance oil listing on our website.

This fragrance oil can be used for room sprays and reed diffusers in accordance with IFRA 49.

Link to the oil

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