Soft Leather Fragrance Oil Review

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Soft leather is a soft oriental / ambery fragrance. It shares some of the same fragrance notes as Bibliotheque and Feng Shui but the fragrances are in different proportions. Its not as heavy on the woody notes that are in bibliotheque. 

Soft leather fragrance notes:

Top notes of black amber, moongold and apricot, mid notes of wild jasmine and parma violet finishing with base notes of black leather, brushed suede, dark patchouli and black vanilla

This fragrance is soft and warm, slightly woody but the fruits and vanilla balance against the woody notes to make it a smooth, rounded fragrance. We couldn’t pick out the floral notes on their own but they subtly add to the depth and complexity of the fragrance. The musky notes make this slightly masculine and stop it being sweet. The leather and suede notes are subtle and comforting rather than dominating. Soft Leather reminds me of a comfy, well worn leather arm chair, the smell inside a new car with leather seats, a well loved leather or suede jacket. This fragrance brings back all these lovely memories. Soft Leather is like a gentle hug in fragrance form.     

Soft Leather can be used in reed diffusers and room sprays based on IFRA49 guidance. See the IFRA document on the fragrance oil listing on the website.

 Here is a five star customer review of this fragrance:

Don’t be fooled by the name.

I believe this one is going to be underrated. By all means you can smell the leather notes BUT it's not an over powering yucky smell like I have ordered before. Its quite a nice, calming smell if I am honest. It's a beaut.

 Try the wax melt here

Link to the oil

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