Amerena Cherry & Acai Fragrance Oil Review

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We are always looking for new fragrance oils to introduce to the UK. Last summer our fragrance oil manufacturer gave us a sample of this fragrance oil to test along with several others. Its a change from the usual black cherry scent and we loved it so after testing we added this to our next order

Fragrance notes :

Top notes of orange peel, pomegranate and honeycrisp apple followed by mid notes of amerena cherry, acai,  clove bud, ginger and cinnamon, rounded off with base notes of vanilla sugar and musk.

The complex tart, sour, bitter, slightly floral woody notes of Amarena cherry are perfect to balance the sweeter, more fruity Acai berry. Acai is the berry produced by a palm tree which grows in central south America. In the USA is it pronounced, in the UK it is pronounced a.sai

This is a fresh, rounded, cherry meets berry fragrance. Its a very well blended and well balanced fragrance, the individual notes of cherry and berry don't stand out alone. The other fruity notes give body and depth to the fragrance without making it smell like mixed fruit. There is just a touch of clove bud, ginger and cinnamon which we couldn't pick out as individual notes so don't let those put you off if you are not a spice fan. The base notes of vanilla and sugar are balanced by the musky notes. This doesn't make the fragrance oil too sweet and the vanilla is a subtle note.

Fruit fragrance isn't normally our 'go to' scent but this is gorgeous, very realistic fruity fragrance and one you must try.

This is reed diffuser and room spray friendly. Use our non hazardous diffuser base, diffusol to make your diffuser CLP easy. This is also available as a wax melt sample.

Get the wax melt here

Get the fragrance oil here

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