White Christmas Fragrance Oil Review

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This fragrance oil was new to the UK in 2021. There may be other fragrance oils with the same name but we are the only seller of this version in the UK.
We sent wax melt samples out to a few customers to give us their opinion of this fragrance oil before ordering. Everyone said they loved it and we did too. We didn’t think it was as complex and multi-layered as our usual fragrances so we asked the manufacturer to tweak it a little. Oh my goodness, it is amazing now! It contains natural tangerine oil, cinnamon oil, clove leaf oil and ginger root oil for a superior fragrance experience (see SDS for details).
Here are the fragrance notes: 
Top notes of honeybell orange, tangerine and sweet almond. Mid notes of cinnamon, clove bud, anise, nutmeg, pepper and allspice. Rounded off with base notes of cool vanilla and frosted musk
The top notes of orange and almond are light and fresh but they stay in the air to join the spicy mid notes in a perfect balance.
The vanilla and frosted musk provide rounded rich base notes to strengthen the spices and orange. You really must try this.
As we have had this tweaked, the oil is a little darker due to the higher percentage of natural oils. We have made it up into melts without dye and it has made beautiful creamy coloured melts. As its so strong you need to lower the amount you usually use for candles, try starting your testing at around 6 or 7%.
This was a top seller for us in 2021 and we can see why !

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