Woodland Walk Fragrance Oil Review

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Our fresh outdoors and botanical inspired fragrances have been so popular that we have added more to our range in February. Here are the fragrance notes for woodland walk :

Top notes of mandarin, orange zest, lime and iced mint leaves followed by mid notes of snowdrop blossoms, jasmine and violet, rounded off with base notes of fir needle, raspberries, cedar and vanilla 

While the wax is melting the top notes give a nice fresh, light, fruity fragrance. The overall fragrance is of fresh orange with mint leaves, with the orange zest and lime notes being more subtle. Once the wax has melted the fragrance changes to a floral fragrance. It is light and fresh, softened and freshened by the fruity top notes. This is not a heavy floral fragrance. We can’t pick out the individual floral notes but its definitely an overall floral vibe at this stage. After a while on the warmer the base notes start to be released. The fir needle gives the freshness a different dimension but this isn’t what we would describe as a winter or Christmas fragrance. The cedar wood is subtle, this is not heavy on the woods. The Cedar adds some strength and longevity to the fragrance but it doesn’t dominate. We can’t pick out the raspberry or vanilla notes on their own but they balance the freshness making this fresh and nice and rounded rather than harsh. The freshness is not like you would get in an aftershave fragrance or a cold winter fragrance. This fragrance reminds us of being outside in a woodland area or walking down a nice country lane. 

To test we added 8g of oil to 100g soy wax and melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan house. The fragrance filled the ground and first floor, coming up the stairs to the second floor forty minutes after being put on the warmer. After this had been on the warmer for over an hour the mint notes became more prominent. As our fragrance oils are complex and multi-layered you can’t judge on cold sniff of the oil or the wax. You need to leave them on the warmer for some time to get the true fragrance from them. The way that this fragrance changed as the different layers of fragrance came off the wax was quite a surprise.

 You can try a wax melt sample here.

We haven’t tested this as a reed diffuser or room spray yet but the IFRA 50 allows it to be used at a concentration which should be sufficient. Check the IFRA document for each product you wish to make.

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To buy the oil click here.

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