Sandalwood & Vanilla Fragrance Oil Review

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We have a number of woody fragrances, two containing sandalwood but they are all very different to each other. Here are the fragrance notes of sandalwood & vanilla: 

This fragrance oil has the soft, smoothness of vanilla with the woody notes of sandalwood.  Top notes of freesia, bergamot and chamomile, mid notes of whipped vanilla and honeysuckle finishing with base notes of white woods, soft musk and creamy sandalwood

When this wax starts to melt we don’t really notice any top notes come off on their own, they seem to be released along with the mid notes, closely followed by the base notes. This is unusual for most of our fragrances which usually change as the different notes are released and build as the wax warms.  The floral notes and vanilla balance the woody notes, softening the sandalwood a little. We can’t pick out the floral notes or the bergamot on their own. The vanilla is soft and smooth and not heavy or cloying. It balances the woody notes making this a soft, rounded, luxurious woody fragrance. This is a strong fragrance, a small piece of wax fills two floors of a large open plan house but its not overpowering, its just how a good quality fragrances should be. The fragrance lingers in the room long after the wax warmer has gone out.

If you are not a fan of sandalwood or vanilla on their own then this might be worth a try. You can buy wax melt samples here 

This fragrance oil can be used at a workable percentage in reed diffusers and room sprays in accordance with IFRA 49. 

If you like sandalwood we have sandalwood & black pepper and sandalwood & oakmoss.  You can find them in our wood, spice & musky section of fragrance oils - Link to category

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