Country Garden Fragrance Oil Review

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This is another of our new botanical inspired fragrance oils. The fragrance notes are: 

Top notes of bergamot, rhubarb, crushed leaves, clove bud, mid notes of lily of the valley and jasmine rounded off with base notes of cashmere woods, sandalwood, cedar, tonka, amber and ambrette 

Once the wax starts to melt the top notes give a very fresh fragrance with a hint of rhubarb. The freshness is similar to Cliffs of Moher but much more natural and not as aftershave like. I couldn’t detect the clove bud notes but I love spices so maybe I’m not as sensitive to these notes. The mid notes are gentle florals and blend with the top notes to make you think you are outdoors in a garden. I’m not a fan of heavy florals so this is perfect for me, I love the way the different fragrance notes complement each other without any of them dominating. The base notes give body and longevity to the fragrance but these are still in balance, the woody notes don’t overpower the florals or the fresh green foliage notes. The tonka, amber and ambrette add subtle hints of sweetness, spiciness and musky notes which round the base notes off nicely.

This fragrance oil is like being outside in an English country garden. It’s a mixture of fresh green foliage and floral notes, it is not an overpowering floral fragrance. 

We haven’t tested this in reed diffusers diffusers yet. The IFRA document states that it can be used in reed diffusers up to 17.3%. This oil can be used in a high enough concentration to make rooms sprays, see the IFRA document on the fragrance oil listing for each product you wish to make. 

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