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Our herbal / botanical inspired fragrance oils have been really popular so we asked our fragrance oil manufacturer for other fragrance oils along these lines. In late December the test samples arrived, we tested the samples and we placed our order which arrived mid February. After the rain is one of our new fragrance oils from this range. Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of bergamot, lemon, melon, celery and sea salt accord followed by mid notes of herbal tonic, French lavender, lemon-geranium, jasmine and orange blossoms rounded off with base notes of amberwood, vetiver, oakmoss, tonka and musk 

As the wax starts to melt the lighter top notes come off first.  Initially it smells fresh, probably the combination of the bergamot, lemon and melon notes. We wouldn’t describe this as zesty or fruity. Once the wax has melted the sea salt accord and the celery notes can be detected. You might miss the celery if you didn’t know they were there, it doesn’t smell strongly of celery. The sea salt accord is gorgeous, very fresh and cool when it combines with the other top notes. Once the wax has been melted ten minutes or so the mid notes start to come off. Lovely floral notes but they are balanced well so that no single note dominates. The fragrances blend with the top notes to give a fresh outdoors ‘after the rain’ type smell. This fragrance oil has floral notes but is not a heavy floral fragrance. 

The wax needs a little while longer in the warmer before the heavier base notes start to come off. The amberwood, vetiver and oakmoss notes are light and woody, slightly earthy, and mossy; think of fresh uncut grass as it warms up in the sun. The tonka and musk add to the depth and complexity of the fragrance. If you imagine being in a coastal garden after a heavy downpour, this is exactly what this fragrance reminds us of. 

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