Marine / Salt Fragrance Overviews

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Christmas is upon us and the Autumn / Winter fragrances are currently on your customers shopping lists. As fragrance preferences never stand still, now is the time to plan for spring / summer. With this in mind we have written a short a blog about some of our fragrances. Here we are comparing our marine / salt fragrance oils.

We have a summer section on the website if you would like to make a themed collection. You can also try these as wax melts here


Seasalt / Ocean

This is crisp and fresh, the fresh air over the ocean. It doesn’t have the same seaweed elements as our seaweed & juniper fragrance oil. This one is more herbal, its much fresher. Here are the fragrance notes

Top notes of citrus, ozonic seasalt, crisp bergamot and sea breeze. Mid notes of Lily of the Valley and Calone and base notes of white woods, amber, ozone accord and fluid musk.

Link to our review


Black Sea

This is much more heavy on salt than our other fragrances, less marine elements. The fruit and florals soften the fragrance making it complex but its well blended so its subtle, you can’t pick out individual notes. It reminds me of a spa.

This is an unusual twist on the usual sea /ocean fragrances with top notes of pink grapefruit, black salt, Moro orange and white lime, mid notes of sparkling citrus, sweet nectar, gardenia petals and calone with base notes of fluid musk and marine accord.  The musk really comes through giving an almost spicy fragrance.


Sea Mist

We already had a lot of sea / marine fragrances but we wanted something like damp, fresh sea air. We had this created for us and its perfect. Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of ocean breeze acccord, himalayan sea salt and sea mist accord, mid notes of watermint and lotus blossom finishing with base notes of sea moss, sun-drenched woods and white musk


Seaweed & Juniper

This is a house blend, its unlike any other fragrance oil that shares the same name. We had four versions created before we settled on this version. This is a strong fragrance oil, its very fresh with a much stronger marine element. It has stronger juniper but not too much, it isn’t too aromatic or pine like which too much juniper can create. Just look at the feedback from our customers.


Sage & Seasalt

This is a lovely fresh fragrance but it also has a herby and woody notes. Its much fresher than some of our other sea / marine or salt fragrances. It’s a herbal version of seasalt/ocean. Here's a link to our review

After The Rain

This fragrance oil reminds us of holidays on the coast when theres been a heavy downpour. The hint of sea salt mixed with petrichor gives a fresh outdoors fragrance.

A link to our fragrance oil review

Cliffs of Moher

Imagine walking along the cliff edge along the cliffs of Moher. This is a fresh fragrance, almost afteshave-like

Find out more in our fragrance oil review




Amber & Driftwood

This makes me feel like I’m on a beach as the sun is starting to set. It is not as strong on the marine or salt element as the other fragrances. Here are the fragrance notes:

An earthy fragrance oil with fresh top notes of honeysuckle and bergamot, mid notes of oakmoss, tonka bean & rosewood, finishing with base notes of driftwood, white amber and musk


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