Cottonwood Fragrance Oil Review

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This is one of the few fragrance oils that we didn't test before we ordered due to the fantastic feedback on the fragrance from customers in other countries. This fragrance oil its beautiful - we are so glad that we took that leap of faith. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of white clove and sweet pine needles. Mid notes of downy jasmine, coastal violet and sun drenched lily finishing with base notes of sea sprayed coconut, cottonwood, vanilla and cotton musk

The top notes to us smell really fresh with a hint of pine on fresh outdoor air. I was unable to detect any note of clove at all. Andrew said he could smell the clove from the start of burning. It is a hint of spice rather than full on clove fragrance. The mid notes are gorgeous, a beautiful, subtle, floral blend. The overall floral note is a gentle lily fragrance. This is much more subtle than the lily note in our Stargazer Lily fragrance. The base notes add a smooth woody note. We can’t pick out the coconut or the vanilla notes individually. This is not a sweet fragrance. The coconut and vanilla blend beautifully with the woody notes of the cottonwood and the cotton musk. Neither of us are usually keen on floral fragrances but this is light, slightly woody and very fresh fragrance. To me it's like smelling fresh sheets that have been line dried on a breezy but sunny day. This is like spring in a bottle. You can try this as a wax melt if you want to try the fragrance before buying the oil. 

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